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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - FOTOBA Cutters

FAQs - FOTOBA Cutters

The Fotoba is square cut only up to 1mm thick flexible medias.

Let your XY Flatbed Cutter do what it does best, shapes and contours.
Don't waste your expensive Flatbed Cutter investment for square cutting and bottleneck your production.

Fotoba cutters cost less to run than two employees, they don't need holidays, tea breaks, or injure themselves.

The Fotoba can be operated by just one person. Loading heavy rolls can be achieved by purchasing that Heavy Roll Feeder.

The Fotoba can cut almost any flexible media up to 1mm in thickness.

On average about  75% or more of most print jobs are square cut!

The Fotoba is at least five times as fast as an XY Flatbed Cutter.

The Fotoba takes up less than 1/4 of the space of an XY Flatbed Cutter.

The Fotoba blades are self sharpening.

The Fotoba can have up to 16 single Y-cutting units across the roll, enabling you to simultaneously cut and separate posters on the Y axis.

The Fotoba cuts at a top linear speed of up to 18m/minute. Including X cutting a 100m roll can be finished in 12 minutes based on a 1.8m poster.

The Fotoba is on wheels and can be relocated and re-levelled very easily.

Fotoba manufacture 1.7m 2.5m 3.2m and 5.0m wide cutters to cater for all your finishing needs.